ScotGovCamp returns

For a wee while now I’ve been pondering dragging ScotGovCamp down out of the attic.

I wasn’t convinced there would be enough interest though. We had 100 people at the first ScotGovCamp in Edinburgh in 2010, but despite the hard work of Ian Watt, there wasn’t the turnout at the second in Aberdeen in 2011 that we’d have liked. We then had a govcamp that wasn’t a govcamp, but let’s not go into that here ;).

I also wondered if we prefer to be ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking’ this side of the border – and it’s been great to see so many hack and jam events in Scotland recently.

But – and nicely illustrating why it is important sometimes to ‘just’ talk – conversations with some lovely people (most recently, the one woman force of nature that is Leah Lockhart) have convinced me that, actually, there is interest.

people talking at ScotGovCamp 2010

people talking at ScotGovCamp 2010 – photo courtesy of Mr James @prettysimple Coltham

So, ScotGovCamp 2013 is well and truely on!¬† And thanks to Mr Ewan Klein we’ll be returning to where it all began back in 2010, the awesome space that is Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.

So, pop 14 September in your diary and watch this space (or #scotgc13 on Twitter) for updates and ticket availability.

One final thing. I subscribe to the Steph Gray and Dave Briggs school of thought on running govcamps – ie don’t mess with a winning formula – so this will be a govcamp, and only a govcamp. If anyone wants to organise related/fringe/concurrent events (hacks, jams, whatever) they are very welcome to do so.

Oh, one final, final thing. As with all govcamps, this one will be free to attend. Which means it will be funded by lovely sponsors. There’s some money in the kitty already, but we could always do with more. And, of course, offers of other kinds of help and support also gratefully received!


TeaCamp next week!

After the previous post garnered some interest, I’ve gone ahead and done it! The inaugural Glasgow TeaCamp is next Thursday (9th May) in CitizenM!

I’ve got us a lovely space in one of the Living Rooms, it’s near the canteen so we can have tea, coffee or food as desired. The space will be reserved for us from 2pm til 4:30pm and it’s got a mixture of sofas and stools with tables and a big TV! Also iMacs and free wi-fi access ūüôā

60 Renfrew Street, (corner of Hope Street)
Glasgow, Scotland, G2 3BW

RSVP below so I can have a rough idea of the numbers…

Suggestions for a topic of discussion or should we leave this until the day?

TeaCamp out west

Inspired by the original London event, HighTeaCamp has been going great guns in Edinburgh for almost a year now. Tired of looking on enviously at the great things going on in Edinburgh, we’ve decided to start up a sister event in Glasgow!

For those who don’t already know, TeaCamp is an opportunity for people working in digital comms to get together and talk about the issues they face. It’s a great opportunity to share knowledge, find solutions, make contacts in your field and come up with great ideas for moving things forward. Ours will focus on the public sector so if you work in digital for¬†local or central government, an NDPB or any other connected organisation, this is for you!

Plans are still at an early stage, but I’m thinking CitizenM on Thursday 9th of May would be a good place to start. Who’s with me? Please get in touch if you’re interested in attending or helping to organise.

Edinburgh social media surgeries


Social media surgeries are volunteer led, community based and free to attend sessions for citizens, local voluntary or community organisations, local charities, clubs or societies to learn about using social media. Edinburgh’s social media surgeries are being organised via the Social Media Surgery Plus website, a UK wide resource for communities holding social media surgeries. If you register with the website you can sign up to attend surgeries as a ‘surgeon’- someone giving advice- or as a ‘patient’- someone looking for advice.

Going along to surgeries to offer help is a great way to meet other digitally interested people in public services, freelancers and just random folk in the community. It’s also a good way to flex that digital muscle that, most likely, you don’t get to at work. You don’t need to be a dab hand at every social media platform under the sun to offer help- at every event there will be a greeter who will match patients with surgeons as appropriate. If you’re not in Edinburgh but would like to attend a local surgery just search the Social Media Surgery Plus website for your area. If there’s nothing going on then you can use the site to begin organising your own surgeries.

The next Edinburgh social media surgery is Monday January 21st from 5:30pm-7:30pm at McDonald Road Library. Register with Social Media Surgery Plus to register for the session or use the contact form on the Edinburgh social media surgery page to contact James Coltham (@prettysimple) who administers the page if you have any questions.

We’re back! Bigger, better, bolder!

The Scottish Webteams Forum was created in 2004 to provide a Scotland-wide platform for public sector webteams to discuss issues and developments, share knowledge and consider partnership working opportunities.

After a short hiatus, the Forum is¬†delighted to be back on the scene with an exciting (and free!) day of talks and discussion.¬†The approach to seminars and conferences has changed in our absence so we’re adapting our format to suit!

[NB. You’ll see we’ve also had a name change – we’re now the Scottish Public Sector Digital Group to reflect a slightly enhanced remit.]

Morning session (0930 – 1215)

So, come and join us at the City Chambers, where we’ll hear about

  • Direct Scot’s¬†prototype findings
  • Aberdeen’s experience of implementing an open data approach
  • the key role that customer experience played in delivering Edinburgh’s 4 Star SOCITM site for 2011
  • some exciting social media stuff happening¬†in¬†Edinburgh

Afternoon session (1315 – 1615)

The event is sponsored by web solutions company Squiz, and we’ll decant to their lovely offices just up the road for an afternoon of ‘user generated content’! Rather than try to guess what you want to hear about, we’re giving you the opportunity to set the agenda for the afternoon. Anyone can suggest any topic (within reason!) for discussion sessions. There’ll be opportunities to¬†suggest session topics before the event, and also on the day itself.

What now?

>>¬† Don’t hold off signing up, as places are limited. If you do sign up and later find out you can’t make it, that’s fine, just let us know.

>>  Have a think about topics you might want to discuss during the afternoon session.

>>¬† Keep an eye on our new¬†site¬†as we’ll be adding more information as the day develops (including ways to suggest session topics).

>>¬† And you might want to keep an eye on¬†#SPSDG if you’re a Twitterer.