Sync Announces Its 2013 GEEKS IN RESIDENCE

A fantastic programme and something for public sector folk to keep an eye on. How can we replicate this? Should local government look at a geeks in residence programme?

The Scottish Games Network

sync logoSync is a project which supports cultural organisations in Scotland, learn more about technology, come to love it, then take it back to the office/theatre/museum/loft space and do many interesting and exciting new things with it.

As part of this remit, for the last several years Sync has placed a number of developers or technical designers within different arts organisations in Scotland, in a programme they’ve named Geeks In Residence.

Sync has just announced the geeks – and organisations – they’ve placed together in 2013…

bodysurfScotland_logo_green-600Alasdair Campbell (@ach_campbell) – hosted by Bodysurf Scotland

Alasdair is a Glasgow-based software and hardware developer. He recently completed an honours degree in Computing Science at Glasgow University.

His final year project at university involved developing autonomous optical tracking software for motion-controlled cameras, in order to develop the potential of routine live streaming from theatres. Alasdair is also a performing musician and has…

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