Local Space

Public wifi zone at Edinburgh Council HQ

Public wifi zone at Edinburgh Council HQ

A partnership between Scottish Government, Scottish Futures Trust, Edinburgh Council, Fife Council and Improvement Service has given birth to the (very softly launched) Local Space scheme. Local Space is ‘in response to a need to help change and improve office working practices within the public sector’ and allows public sector people to book space at two locations in Fife and one in Edinburgh- all public sector buildings.

I’ve booked space at Edinburgh’s Waverley Court building quite a few times now and apart for some confusion with the switchboard staff and reception staff the whole process is smooth. Spaces are booked through the Facilities Management team and when you turn up at reception on the day it’s an easy process to get in and find your desk. Alternatively (and this is what I have been doing lately) you can just park yourself in their cafe or courtyard meeting areas and use the wifi. Brilliant. You use your own machine or device so issues about security are mostly on you. The wifi and internet connections provided are off the council’s own network but presumably secure.

I’ve booked in to have a meeting with a colleague from a different public sector organisation at Waverley Court later this month so it’s handy for meeting people in Edinburgh in a city centre area that is right next to the train station.

Have a go and see what you think. I don’t know what future plans are but I would hope the Local Space team would like to hear from other councils or public sector organisations who would like to open up their buildings for use.


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