I love it when a plan comes together

The Scottish public sector digital event of the year is only a few days away now and plans are all coming along nicely. The timetable for the morning is pretty much finalised as you’ll see below, and we’ve already had some good suggestions for the afternoon discussion sessions.

1. Timetable

Morning presentations @ ECC Business Centre, City Chambers
Introductions, etc Sally Kerr 0930 – 0940
Squiz introduction Squiz 0940 – 1000
Direct Scot Dave Hall 1000 – 1030
Customer Experience Hilary Coyne 1030 1100
Coffee 1100 – 1115
Open Data Ian Watt 1115 – 1145
Social Media Graham Budd 1145 – 1215
Lunch 1215 – 1300
Afternoon unconference @ Squiz offices, 57-59, The Royal Mile
Agenda setting Lesley Thomson 1300 – 1315
Session 1 1315 – 1400
Session 2 1400 – 1445
Coffee 1445 – 1500
Session 3 1500 – 1545
Wrap up Lesley Thomson 1545 – 1600

2. Afternoon topics

Suggested topics so far include:

  • social media and records management
  • the EU Cookie Directive
  • social media policies

We have space for at least nine different sessions in the afternoon – so there’s still time to suggest a topic if there’s something you want to raise/discuss. If you do have a topic you want adding to the afternoon agenda, you can suggest it here as a comment on this post. Or you can tweet it using the hashtag #spsdg. Or, go old skool and send us an email! There will also be time before we kick off in the afternoon to suggest topics.

See you there!


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