We’re back! Bigger, better, bolder!

The Scottish Webteams Forum was created in 2004 to provide a Scotland-wide platform for public sector webteams to discuss issues and developments, share knowledge and consider partnership working opportunities.

After a short hiatus, the Forum is delighted to be back on the scene with an exciting (and free!) day of talks and discussion. The approach to seminars and conferences has changed in our absence so we’re adapting our format to suit!

[NB. You’ll see we’ve also had a name change – we’re now the Scottish Public Sector Digital Group to reflect a slightly enhanced remit.]

Morning session (0930 – 1215)

So, come and join us at the City Chambers, where we’ll hear about

  • Direct Scot’s prototype findings
  • Aberdeen’s experience of implementing an open data approach
  • the key role that customer experience played in delivering Edinburgh’s 4 Star SOCITM site for 2011
  • some exciting social media stuff happening in Edinburgh

Afternoon session (1315 – 1615)

The event is sponsored by web solutions company Squiz, and we’ll decant to their lovely offices just up the road for an afternoon of ‘user generated content’! Rather than try to guess what you want to hear about, we’re giving you the opportunity to set the agenda for the afternoon. Anyone can suggest any topic (within reason!) for discussion sessions. There’ll be opportunities to suggest session topics before the event, and also on the day itself.

What now?

>>  Don’t hold off signing up, as places are limited. If you do sign up and later find out you can’t make it, that’s fine, just let us know.

>>  Have a think about topics you might want to discuss during the afternoon session.

>>  Keep an eye on our new site as we’ll be adding more information as the day develops (including ways to suggest session topics).

>>  And you might want to keep an eye on #SPSDG if you’re a Twitterer.


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